Nando’s Creative Exchange Programme

October 28, 2021 9:00 AM

Art & Design

28 -30 October 2021

The Nando’s Creative Exchange – which is part of the larger Nando’s Art Initiative – was first established in 2011 to recognise emerging Southern African fine artists who demonstrate exceptional ability.

The Nando’s Art Initiative is a partnership between Nando’s and Spier Arts Trust that was first formed in 2001 and Nando’s Creative Exchange was awarded the 2020 BASA Long-term Partnership Award.

The programme offers selected artists exhibition and mentorship opportunities, sponsors art materials and gives artists the opportunity to have their work translated into a different medium in collaboration with the Spier Artisan Studios. All of this is designed to develop the artists’ professional practice.

Many artists have found Nando’s Creative Exchange to be a stepping stone in their careers, and have gone on to enjoy success locally and abroad.

This year, Basha Uhuru attendees have the opportunity to enjoy artworks by artists who have taken part in the Nando’s Creative Exchange from 2017 to 2021 through an exhibition of their Creative Block artworks.

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