October 30, 2021 4:00 PM



By day she is Refilwe Matabane; a civilian and Strategist in one of the World’s largest advertising agencies.

By night she transforms into the peripatetic, enchanting Fif_laaa who was sent to Earth so save us all with her selection of timeless music. As you can imagine, leading a double life isn’t easy but for this Heroine it is, she loves and lives the concept of balance in her life.

“Music has always been one of my greatest passions and I am finally living it through DJing – which seems to have already taken me to new heights". 

Johannesburg born and bred Fif_laaa completed her qualification in Brand Building and Management at Vega School of Brand Leadership. She got a taste of advertising in the earlier stages of her carreer through internships. In her spare time, she explored the cultural scene of urban and township Johannesburg, eventually falling in love with art, fashion and music.   

Her love for music was influenced by her mother's support of her experimental lifestyle. Her family's diverse taste in music developed her ear for quality music and the different sounds she may one day tap into. She is primarily a Hip-Hop, Neo-soul and House DJ. She leans towards the Old School, side of these genres and at times, dabbles in the alternatives. 

Fif_laaa went to work on her craft and eventually shared it with the world. To date, she has shared a stage with the likes of Bas, Miguel and Solange. She has also had DJ residency at YFM on The Rodeo, which was nominated for SA HipHop Awards under the Best Hip Hop Radio show

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